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About Us

Empowering students

For over 20 years, Sparks Academic Center has been shaping the minds of students to succeed both inside and outside of the classroom. Sparks Academic Center was founded on the simple principle: the more students apply themselves, the more they are likely to learn. All of our tutors are highly knowledgeable and understand what it takes to succeed.

We only work with the best private tutors around – each with at least a Master’s Degree and a subject matter expert in their respective field. All our tutors are highly trained experts with years of experience dealing in all facets of learning academics ranging from Math to English to test prep courses.

Our Philosophy

At Sparks Academic Center, our goal is to create an enriched environment that provides a place for the advancement of higher learning. 

Our Principle

The tutors at Sparks Academic Center develop specific learning plans to best support each student’s intellectual growth. 

Key Of Success

Each student needs something different to be completely prepared for an exam. Some need to be pushed past self-limiting beliefs while others need support and anxiety relief.

Who Needs Tutoring?

Anyone looking to improve their grades or excel in school can benefit from tutoring. It’s that simple. While still a luxury for many families, research unequivocally shows that individualized education has better outcomes for students than classroom education.

What Makes Sparks Academic Center unique?

Our private tutors are highly motivating, personable, well-rounded and skilled to create an environment that encourages students to achieve academic success. We strive to excite our students about the learning process; instilling in them a sense of confidence, which in turn makes them much more productive in the classroom.




Many of us remember our past educators who influenced us through individual attention. Tutors are more likely to be strong role models due to the sheer quantity of time spent with students, and students are more likely to soak up the intangible lessons of mentorship as a result.