College Counseling


Helping with College Applications

We know how stressful it may be to apply to colleges. Our staff will help you through the entire college application process so you can feel confident in knowing that you have presented your best “self” to prospective institutions. 

Recommendations on Where to Apply

Our staff is well aware of all major colleges and universities and can assist students with difficult decisions in terms of which institutions might be better suited for their particular needs and interests. 

Help with Writing College Essays

One of the requirements for the majority of colleges is easy writing, where you have to explain to your prospective school why you would make for an ideal applicant.

Step-by-step Process

We guide our students step-by-step based on their preferred majors and their desired preferences.

  • Our students can focus on their goals rather than the stress that may be associated with such a difficult decision.
  • With our extensive knowledge, we are able to help our students so that they can increase their chances of attending their dream school.
  • Our college counseling session are vital for every prospective student looking delve into a higher learning institution

Guidance and Advice

At Sparks Academic Center, we provide college counseling to students seeking admission to Ivy League colleges as well as other highly selective universities. Whether it’s through, FaceTime, Skype, phone conversations, or email, we are able to connect with students in order to facilitate the entire college application process.

Success Starts With You

To be truly successful, you must be able to apply yourself to the task at hand. Our staff has the extensive knowledge to help students make difficult decisions in an environment that encourages a positive mindset which, in turn, increases a student’s chances of success.