The proficiency of literature Arts is one of the crucial aspects of a well-rounded Education. 

If your child is having trouble with English or you just want to make sure they keep pace with their classmates, Sparks Academic Center is here to help! We provide experienced and professional tutoring to help you succeed. 

We offer tutoring services for all areas of English at all grades and levels. Our lessons range from beginning English and grammar to advanced critical reading and writing for high school AP classes and SAT tutoring. We understand that each student is unique and our lessons cater to their abilities and goals.

  • We believe that learning should be personal, and at Sparks Academic Center, it is.
  • Our tutors are more than traditional tutors. They get to know each student and provide positive reinforcement and motivation that leads to success and not only on tests and homework but also beyond the classroom.
  • As students grow older, their ability to write and communicate becomes increasingly important. Higher-level classes will require students to submit essays, provide written responses to texts, and express their thoughts clearly and concisely.

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