Many students struggle with History due to a variety of factors such as sustaining interest in History and memorizing historical dates

If your child is having trouble with History or you just want to make sure they keep pace with their classmates, Sparks Academic Center is here to help! We provide experienced and professional tutoring to help you succeed. 

We offer tutoring services for all areas of History at all grades and levels. Our lessons range from world history to current events and everything in between. At Sparks Academic Center, we understand that each student is unique and our lessons cater to their abilities and goals.

  • A history tutor can provide one of one attention to ensure every topic and event is clearly understood, so students do not fall behind.
  • Our exceptional tutors have the time to revise fundamental concepts and make sure that the student’s understanding is solid and can support new concepts in the process.
  • When students are able to grasp certain historic events, they can build on this knowledge and succeed in the classroom.

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