Science is regarded as one of the most difficult classes in a student’s academics career. 

If your child is having trouble with Science or you just want to make sure they keep pace with their classmates, Sparks Academic Center is here to help! We provide experienced and professional tutoring to help you succeed. 

We offer tutoring services for all areas of Science at all grades and levels. Our lessons range from earth science, geology, oceanography, chemistry, and physics. We understand that each student is unique and our lessons cater to their abilities and goals.

  • Teachers, for the most part, are not able to address each particular student’s needs; these students can often get left behind. This becomes a bigger problem as additional work is added which builds on earlier concepts.
  • Working with a science tutor can help a student increase their learning development as well as address specific questions that the student may have.
  • A gap in foundational understanding can undermine students’ entire understanding of a subject, and prevent them from gaining confidence in their own abilities.
  • This often leaves students with a conviction that science is too difficult for them. Working with a private science tutor can help eliminate this problem and enhance their learning experience.

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